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Psychological Types







design - Alisa Yasnoy

Zhukov (Marshal, SLE, Sensory-Logical Extravert)

Zhukovs are inborn leaders, firmly standing on the ground of reality. They have organizational talent, are good in setting aims in front of themselves and others, quickly take decisions and introduce them into life. Stress-resistant, ready to mobilize themselves in hard life or work situations. Wherever they find themselves, Zhukovs seek after competition, superiority and getting into the focus of attention. Their activity and insistence increase as they meet more obstacles on their way.

Zhukovs differ from others with high speed of thinking and good memory, they know how to gather facts, calculate different situations, peoples behaviour as well as ways to reach their aims. They are practical people and hardly rely on sheer abstract constructions. In their activity Zhukovs prefer clearly defined aims: being on the way to their aim they know how to reach it, and then create necessary conditions, gather people around them and coordinate actions in order to achieve a desired result. They know perfectly well how to set tasks for their subordinates, how to clearly set out and reason their decisions.

On the way to their aim SLE demonstrate flexibility, persistence, quick pace and energy. They logically base their activity, quickly and clearly separating paramount from minor, working out a detailed plan, keeping in mind the whole project with its separate directions, constantly analyzing, and making corrections if required. Zhukovs have high working capacity and immediately react if they need to adapt to changing life realities. Their ability to see real life with all its privations and problems, their capacity to mobilize themselves in order to solve these problems are Zhukovs strong sides.

If God forbid! the life becomes dreary and monotonous with no challenge and perspective, Zhukovs get depressed, start colouring their future in black and may even fall down, but with a new target appearing on their horizon they quickly mobilize, get cheerful, energetic and determined.

Zhukovs try not to yield their volitional initiative to anyone else and therefore are well known as fighters who constantly stand up for their leadership right, their understanding of the work inside the structure and target to which operation of that structure should be subordinated. They tend to organize and control process of management. Some Zhukovs working as ordinary employees manage to subordinate their chiefs; can tell truth straight into their face regardless position and status. Take a strong stand pressurizing others.

Zhukovs often conflict with their colleagues, which make them eventually suffer, but never give up their positions. SLI can set forth to their chiefs and any other authority whatever they think about their misconception, wrong organization of work, approach to a problem. Zhukovs usually are excessively responsible and just to avoid further nuisance and disagreements, they need a diplomatic partner who will understand their sometimes really important contribution into work, appreciate their qualification and knowledge, a person able to level out conflicts.

Zhukovs really know how to work, they are responsible, conscientious, try to meet deadlines at any cost and for that reason cannot understand irresponsibility and passivity of others. Consequently they get furious and waste themselves out on fighting with the invincible imperfection of people and their indifferent attitude to work. Zhukovs attain great importance to business and essential value to their carrier. They also support work of the whole team. Always seek for the greatest achievements and advantages in competitive fight.

Zhukovs also fight in life situations setting up claims where others keep quiet choosing to adapt and tolerate. They know their own rights and obligations of those who cater services. They are not going to put up with the infringement of their rights and their strong will helps them gain respect and find solutions. Zhukovs may act calmly or pushingly, sometimes even aggressively. With that very pushiness or quiet decisiveness SLI can assert interests of close friends and stand up for their own territory.

Zhukovs are good in numerous practical areas of life. They easily master new technical equipment, often picking up information without reading manuals. They know laws, quality of things, politics, structure of different organizations, have extensive knowledge in very different areas.

Zhukovs credo is to win space with the help of their knowledge and skills. They often employ their creative structural logics to achieve their goals. Like no one else they know how to argue their position, freely operating with facts and conclusions, which aggravates further discussions with them. Zhukovs hate to lose arguments even understanding that t they are somewhat wrong. Moreover they are ready to act against the majoritys opinion. Most of them are reputed as combative individuals with difficult character.

Zhukovs try to be polite and self-possessed in their ordinary state but can hardly mask their irritation in conflict situations. Usually these situations are caused by misunderstanding of their ideas, lack of attention and frustration of plans. But in truly critical situations Zhukovs act dispassionately. They may meet a strike with a double strike.

If a critical situation suggests a team fight, cohesion, joint actions, Zhukov will readily take functions of an informal leader. And other people will recognise a leader in him, they will obey, listen and wait for the decisions necessary in such situation. Most Zhukovs find their vocation in force structures though in market and competitive conditions Zhukovs have a wide choice of places to realize their inclinations.

Due to inherent competitiveness Zhukovs often work at full stretch, dont let themselves relax properly and never think about consequences such lifestyle can have for their health. Nevertheless SLE may suffer much more if they fail to find their place in life, keep changing their jobs, being unable to find a decent application to their potential and having no carrier perspectives.

For Zhukovs interpersonal relations is a quite complex area of life. Their own qualities make no mystery for them since they try to look at themselves realistically setting aside any convenient or pleasant illusions. Though, like many other people, they find it quite difficult to understand themselves and their own needs. And understanding other peoples traits, their inner motives, and deeds causes much more difficulties, and difficult ethical situations may unsettle them and strip of their confidence.

Zhukovs give much importance to opinion of other people. They dont like to undermine their own authority and want to be seen as good people. But deep in their heart they suspect their inclinations to achieve aims at any cost, regardless sufferings and insults of others. Their experience of conflicts, arguments and rows raises doubts in their own kindness and humaneness. Therefore it is very important that close surrounding of Zhukov could discern their positive traits, appreciate demonstrations of their kindness and humaneness, understand their very secret desires. And most important they should help SLE find a golden mean, where they could reveal their compassion and still reserve the right for cruel actions if required. Zhukovs happen to be immeasurably grateful to those who smooth their conflicts and dont reprobate them for ethical blunders.

To solve complexity of love and family relationships Zhukovs need a partner whom they can win throughout all their life regardless his/her faithfulness; the partner who will surprise SLE with subtle perception of the world, variety of interests and hobbies, creative streak, well-developed range of sensations; the partner with the sense of humour, optimistic character and wisdom in human relationships.

Zhukovs live here and now. They cant bare uncertainty and take it hard when this uncertainty drags out. They get very nervous and preoccupied, and may even think that everything is destroying; falling apart and there is nothing to be done about it. Offer gloomy predictions. Such conditions of vulnerability can now and again arise in Zhukovs. And here SLE needs support of someone who optimistically look into the future. And even better someone able to anticipate potential worries, which will let Zhukovs mobilize, get ready and feel more confident. Zhukov can hardly bare forced waiting, they need a person able to tell an exact term, date, time and fulfil what have been promised. They also appreciate information about timeliness of one or another undertaking, information on what to expect from a certain person.

Like any other logician, Zhukovs are inclined to subject their feelings to reason, though sometimes their strategy fail. Accumulated negative emotions may suddenly end up in irritation, a raised voice, sometimes even rudeness which altogether make Zhukov suffer later on. On the surface they chose to be immovably calm and speak with an even tone though deep inside Zhukovs are able to produce full range of powerful and bright emotions, from most negative to most ecstatic or sentimental ones. However they show these emotions only to very close people who managed to win SLEs trust with sincere and kind feelings, with openness and vulnerability combined with courage to manifest emotions.

The way Zhukov demonstrates his/her positive feelings depends on whether their close friends demonstrated their own feelings and accepted those of SLEs, whether they helped him/her cope with hot temper, aggressive statements and tone, taking off the strain with a good joke or a tactful switching over something else.

Unfortunately among representatives of this type one can come across individuals with frozen emotions and constraint in social contacts. And suppressed feelings lead to diseases like early heart attacks especially with immense nervous work or family overloads.

Zhukovs hate getting ill. They usually ignore their physical indisposition for a long time trying to avoid condition of helplessness. But if a disease is serious they may think its going to last ages if not forever hence a spoiled mood, blackish shade of life and obscure thoughts. It is very important to cheer up Zhukov and sincerely believe that everything will happily end. Then they get mobilized and aim to recover as quickly as possible using all available treatments. Since Zhukovs are not interested in health problems they prefer to see well-qualified doctors and listen to their advice.

Zhukovs especially young ones have very peculiar attitude to their health. They are reluctant to take care of themselves thinking that their body should be tested to the full extent this is why they have youth for. And they can get addicted to alcohol, tobacco, junk food and even try psychotropic substances to experience sensations they provoke. In one word they by all means display their heroism and valor compromising their health and even putting it on a show. But the time comes and this very person gives up smoking or starts a diet and even manages to refuse from their habit or pleasure in one day. This is how the strong will of this type works. Once a decision is taken it cant be appealed, it just must be realized.

If someone in Zhukovs close surrounding gets ill, they sympathize with the person and offer their help. Try to provide all the best, sent to the best hospital, dont spare their money, energy and connections to organize recovery. They help with whatever they can. Zhukovs also condole with other people, who got ill and feel helpless. They may sometimes conceal their sympathy but still stay close and solve arising problems.

Zhukovs hate sitting idle, they always keep themselves busy, infatuated, hurrying somewhere, meeting somebody or arranging something. They are very energetic people aiming to be in the center of events.

Yet in childhood they like to be in command of their peers, getting them together. Regardless their sex, Zhukovs can be true madcap. Games, competitions, adventures all this attracts SLE like a magnet. They eagerly stay outside by nightfall forgetting to have a meal or to do lessons. Real life is above any theoretical discipline. Moreover they count on their ability to find quick solutions thinking spontaneously.

Awakening will often leads to conflicts with parents especially if they are trying to subdue, suppress their childs activity, dont count with him/her thrusting their own opinion. Such situation may lead to a real long-time war from which neither parents nor the child benefit.

The best way to influence little Zhukovs is to direct their vigorous energy in peaceful purposes like sports with mandatory competition, especially team sports; learning from qualified teachers who respect a childs personality. Its very important that child could bring their friends home. And would be marvelous if their parents could strike up a friendship with their mates and gave timely attention to leadership qualities of their own child.

Zhukov cant be called a diligent student at school. Though they grasp information very quickly, problems with discipline are almost guaranteed. To violate regulations, to disobey rules this is romanticism that helps Zhukov to survive school routine. At school they often happen to be hooligans and teachers lose t heart from their tricks. However it should be remembered that these hooligans grow into very decent individuals. It is great if yet at school such students are treated as informal leaders and assigned a corresponding position, which make them l think of a school as their own territory, not the territory of their potential enemy.

For Zhukovs the best way to learn is to be in the lead, To surpass others in knowledge, solve the hardest math problems, take part in competitions and of course to win. Zhukovs will appreciate respect from their teachers and will try not to let them down. They also find extra activities for themselves, organizing different events, moving upward the carrier ladder in public work, going for sports or traveling. Young Zhukovs attach immense value to romanticism of mens fraternity, joint overcoming of difficulties, risky adventures and visiting unknown places. For all their life in uneasy but always reach with impressions reality they get their strength and confidence from such memories, a bit sneering at romantic impulses of their youth. They seem to like coming down from heavens of romanticism on the land of realism but still pleased that romanticism hadnt passed them by and they have what to remember and can tell exciting stories from their life.

In their family Zhukovs tend to create competition for their children. They teach their offsprings to accept the life as it is, develop practical skills. SLEs are always ready to share their extensive knowledge and hobbies however because of usual work load have very little time to associate. In family with Zhukov-parent a child has a chance to grow into a strong personality, able to speak out and defend his/her own opinion. Zhukovs are proud of their childrens achievements and fairly think that their contribution is quite significant. At the same time its hard to seek from them advice in love or personal affairs. Dont wait for tact or advice regarding diplomatic resolution of similar predicaments. But laugh, jokes, big companies of friends will give a child the opportunity to associate with very different people.

In company Zhukovs most often find themselves in the limelight. They have talent to gather people around and their only appearance makes everyone rally and get active. Zhukovs like organizing holidays, noisy funny feasts, traveling. They have many acquaintances whom they rarely meet, but few people can forget SLE. Moreover Zhukovs know how to manage people from different social layers, from a very ordinary person to a celebrity. They also have trustworthy friends who stay with them throughout all their life.

Zhukovs often help their friends and acquaintances both with actions and practical advice. They feel a part of their lives, value communication and contacts. Zhukovs mates can count on them in a hard situation. Other people respect them for leadership qualities and practical mind, sagacity, cheerfulness, energy, adventurism. They are also appreciated for arguing their opinion on any question, desire to dispute. Though in discussion Zhukovs can confuse anyone, flexibly and dynamically use their talent to argue, shuffling facts at their discretion. They can prove that white is black if this is the aim of their argument. And you will hardly like it if Zhukovs are not on your side and will be happy to find them among your supporters.

Its worth to mention Zhukovs gentleman behavior of toward women. They know how to step up a woman doing it gracefully without losing their sense of dignity. Then in some unconceivable way they manage to win her heart with their pronouncedly masculine behavior. In women of this type dignity and masculinity transform into other forms of behavior, which can be very different. But their concept of how to treat women coincides with that of Zhukov-men.

*     *     *

Zhukovs set ambitious aims and know how to achieve them. In life they keep themselves busy with the most responsible tasks, tend to make the most difficult decisions that can be easily criticized but not everyone dares to take similar responsibility.

Resistance to stress, ability to immediately mobilize themselves and others, practical grip and quick thinking enable Zhukovs to reach what can be hardly achieved by others. Their talent to get people together in case of danger, concentrate all the forces and rebut the element or aggressor, crave for responsibility and risk, achievements in new areas, leadership are those Zhukovs qualities that help people live, survive in natural and technological environment and realize the need of humankind for science and technical progress, reclaiming new fields and forms of social being.

Description of socionic types made by Elena Zamanskaya
Translated by Olga Yuska
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