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Psychological Types







design - Alisa Yasnoy

Robespierre (LII, Logical-intuitive introvert)

Robespierres differ from others with their inborn ability to abstract thinking and tendency to constant extension and improvement of old and development of new structures.

Perceiving the world as logical, predictable, rational and ordered, they feel need to find a formula, a method or a system able to give a clue to one or another problem; their mind is looking for rational reasoning of a certain problem. They think in abstract terms and detached concepts, analyzing complex phenomenon and objects.

Robespierres analytical style of thinking is targeted at systemic, full-fledged study of a problem in the aspects defined by objective parameters. Their manner to solve problems consists in logical, methodical and careful (with accent on details) process of investigation.

Before starting a search of solution, Robespierres develop a detailed plan and using their deep theoretical knowledge try to collect as much objective information as possible.

First they logically test the idea, and then work over it offering hypotheses based on already created structure. Logical immaculacy of the conclusion and correspondence of reality to this very conclusion are taken as a fidelity criterion. They need facts to prove their hypotheses.

Robespierres cognition process is oriented on production of new knowledge based on mediate reflection of reality and its transformation by means of mind operations. Their thinking has brightly expressed theoretical character.

In routine life, in daily situations this process looks like mediation and conclusions, as wonderful understanding, memorization and reproduction of various schemes, availability of theoretical knowledge in different fields, aspiration to systemically understand any area of life. Very often Robespierres, who find themselves in favorable for intellectual development conditions, have encyclopedic knowledge and are universally-educated.

However, Robespierres dont hurry to show off their knowledge and like any introvert being very careful with their resources, they rather accumulate information than give it away. They tell something extremely cognitive and interesting only to truly interested listeners.

Independence, criticism and depth can be defined as main qualities of their thinking. Though it somewhat lacks speed, width and flexibility. They think slowly, moving as deep as necessary to get to the very essence of phenomenon. Giving a detailed study to information they try to create an ideal product.

Generally, Robespierres are constrained researchers: the area of their reflections is local, rather targeted at deepening an idea and its more qualitative reasoning than at increasing the number of ideas, extending application areas etc. Nevertheless, Robespierres are theorists able to build concepts of earlier unknown phenomena. They create new knowledge from the known one and here shows itself their indirect world perception as a counter to direct apprehension of many other types.

Robespierres cant imagine their existence without obtaining new knowledge. Their homes are furnished with numerous books on very different subjects. All these books are read and actually help representatives of the type form their concept about this world. Robespierres may find ideas of French Enlightenment very close for themselves. They believe in intellect and that knowledge may change not only the world but a separate person as well. Can give clear, brief and well ordered explanations singling out the essence. At that they remain democratic and their intonation tells that equality and freedom of speech are possible and even necessary for successful understanding and interaction. Tolerant to others opinions, though in extremely principal issues may quite sharply speak out their own ideas.

In their nature Robespierres are quite independent individuals. They are independent in their judgments and deeds. They also grant the opportunity of being independent to others. For Robespierres freedom is a basic value. To their opinion, every person has freedom of choice. It is senseless to establish discipline by force and fear, one should rely on education and enlightenment of people. LII will try to explain to a delinquent person, suggest their arguments and proofs that he/she was wrong, appeal to their consciousness, sense of duty, personal responsibility. And while protecting unfairly offended person Robespierre can ignore their own safety and profit. They tend to put justice over their own interests and even interests of their family.

For Robespierre reasoning is such an important aspect that sometimes all their life may unfortunately reduce to it. They start seeing essence of their existence in endless changes or improvements of structure, hiding from life on abstract heights of theoretical reasoning. Eventually they pay off with their loneliness, detachment from their own body and feelings, neglect and desolation. Estranged from life, alienated from oneself, a person loses liveliness of perception and refusing from plenitude of life turns into a dry formalist. As a result all the richness of their inner world remains unwanted.

Robespierres are creative and have rich imagination. While developing a theory or a product they never lose sight of an alternative. As it has been already mentioned their creativity is a mixture of reasoning, obtaining new knowledge and using it as a tool for further framing or development of hypotheses.

Robespierres can find solutions in a non-standard way using all opportunities of scientific tools or their knowledge in different areas.

Having chosen an idea, accepting it for themselves, Robespierres become its consistent supporters and very often subordinate all their life to this very idea. They can fight for the idea, develop and improve it.

In the cognition process Robespierres study a great number of amazing interconnected worlds that cannot be seen in reality. Even what is hard to imagine! They are able to look at the problem from an unusual angle, to set a task in a different way and choose an optimal solution from the multitude of already known algorithms with their intuition being very helpful.

They find it natural not only to create with inspiration but also complete their projects though by their nature they are rather theorists than practitioners. For Robespierres interest is the most crucial factor of their successful activity. It is far more important than a profit.

Usually Robespierres have a hobby in which they continuously improve themselves. And it is quite good if this hobby connects them with others. In this case LII also have a circle of contacts with people who show interest to them and help them liberate in communication.

In interpersonal relations Robespierres are also seeking rationality and often ignore importance of sympathies and antipathies trying to support equal relations with everyone, and never hurry to get close with new acquaintances. Such contacts make them feel tense and they find it quite difficult to identify true attitude of others to themselves. Absorbed ethical norms help them orientate themselves in this issue. Most Robespierres make impression of reserved, polite individuals usually called intellectuals.

Most of all Robespierres are attracted by simple, kindhearted and democratic relations. In people they appreciate openness, ability to compromise and cheerful temper helping them join a company. And though Robespierres are afraid of bad attitude to themselves (they can take this part of life out of parentheses), benevolent atmosphere at work, unsophisticated relations, tactful people around favor their disclosure as an interesting interlocutor, ingenious person and a true friend. These are the relations they value.

Another surrounding makes Robespierres close in themselves, become secretive, unsociable and sometimes even biting. They do everything to isolate themselves from unpleasant relations and shrink into their world.

And of course Robespierres are inclined to think about fair social order (a lot of philosophers belonged to this type); for its much simpler to study an objective model of relations than find oneself involved into interaction with real people which may appear complicated, ambiguous and contradictory.

Though such intellectual detachment help representatives of this type avoid problems in the most complicated area leadership in relationships. Robespierres will be happy to trust this honored responsibility to their partner; choosing pleasant and open partners able to brightly demonstrate their feeling and need no extra ceremonies. The very important quality of their partner is aspiration not to violate the rights of another person and necessity to follow principles of social fairness. The partner from one hand should be very sensitive in keeping borders of personal space of a person, and on the other hand should be a bright, rememberable, attractive, sociable and cheerful person.

Sensitive to the questions of justice Robespierres dont accept willful pressure, especially one caused by overpriced ambitions of a separate individual. They condemn governments abuse of force and cant bear methods of rude volitional influence on a person. Authoritative style of communication, pressure, commanding tone makes them resist or avoid communication and interaction with such people.

Robespierres often try to look people without weaknesses. They like people whose open demonstration of desires and emotions is a natural background of their life but neither a goal nor a stepping-up. Such people serve a model for Robespierres and protect them from overcharging the sphere of their volitional activity, inspire with their activity and vigor. For insistence and determination of their partner accompanied by catching emotions and concern about timely relaxation and rest support Robespierres activity, injects their optimism and let them contact with their own emotions, which not so simple for representatives of this type.

Robespierre can make an impression of a person who is emotionally cold, reserved, rational and unable to compassion. For sure they know how to subordinate their emotions to mind and business, which usually takes place on a big psychological distance or on the initial stage of communication. However if Robespierres are charmed by a cheerful, warm and caring person, they literary transform into an interesting and witty interlocutor showing true sincerity of emotions and nobility of manners.

Deep in their heart Robespierres hope to meet a person who will resonate with their feelings and let Robespierres feel trembling of their own soul, the person who will generously fill LIIs soul with joy and body with energy. Then Robespierre will understand that what is happening between them is happening for a reason. And then one can see Robespierres sparkling smile, will know their inimitable charm, discern in this complicated for the shallow understanding person the space of their inner world.

Robespierres who with the help of their partner open in themselves a source of inner expression change and it can be seen not only from their developing ability to associate spontaneously but also from their creative activity. This is a surprising phenomenon of interpersonal relations in which sensual activity of one person generates creative thinking of the other.

Someones care about Robespierres physical comfort, health and rest is very helpful since they themselves may ignore their pain, hunger, tiredness, physical discomfort for a very long time. Robespierres lack ability to create comfort and taste to life, their aspiration for spiritual needs dominates over material and physical ones and therefore most of them live ascetic life. Though Robespierres are trying to live a healthy life, adhere to a day order, eat healthy food, temper themselves they can learn to truly enjoy their life from their close surrounding, from those people they trust.

For Robespierre content means much more than shape therefore they never pay attention to the impression that their appearance and clothing have on the others. And the appearance of another person should be very bright and catchy (though not defiant) so that Robespierre could notice and estimate it.

In household Robespierres are provident and economical. They see to that material and other means were spread fairly. They help their family and friends practically especially when it comes about a complex problem or a new approach. For them the household is another system to be ordered and structured. Though here they will need a person with practical skills of housework and then Robespierres will perfectly plan their action plan and will understand the way everything should be done- time and energy-wise. In household as in everything else they prefer reasonable activity combined with creative approach.

Yet in childhood Robespierre astonishes their family by their mind. More often it is a very serious kid, who doesnt bother their parents with disobedience and whims. They are very sensitive to attempts of physical punishment, shouts and intrusion into their personal space. It seems that from their early childhood representatives of this type can feel their individuality, detachment from other peoples world.

Yet in early age they start playing independently, giving preference to constructors. Getting older they take to action games with adventure and happily response to the initiative of other children. Robespierres themselves are modest and even shy so they often find it hard to make friends with their peers. Their parents (as well as other adults) should pay attention to development of communication skills, help a child softly and tactfully join other children. When the barrier is down, the child of this type plays with excitement, has fun and plays pranks so that you cant tell the difference from other children.

Very often Robespierres learn to read and count on their own and do it in a very early age. And having opened this wonderful world for themselves they never part with books. In school years they often add books on math logics to adventures and fiction. It seems that this child is never bored they always find what to do, are always interested in something and never bother others.

Their rooms often serve a laboratory for some studies and experiments. And computer will be appreciated as the best present.

If Robespierres are lucky to get into a good class, they will remember their school years as pleasant time. They learn easily, do their home tasks diligently though never spend much time on study.

LIIs prefer technical subjects to humanitarian and spend most their time on their interests, hobbies, and reading books. They learn easily and therefore good marks in school give them a good reason for high self-esteem.

In an aggressively tuned class Robespierres feel absolutely different since they find it difficult to stand their ground in school fights and arguments. In such environment Robespierres can get reserved and retrieve into themselves, grow up unconfident, become thorny and unsociable. Their parents should make sure that their childs surrounding fosters his/her development and doesnt null the talents as it often happens in our schools.

For further education it is very important for Robespierres to properly choose their profession. And their choice can quite extensive.

Robespierres talents allow them master difficult professions and enter the most elite establishments. Difficult subjects dont repel Robespierres, quite on the opposite raise their interest. It is very important that knowledge is graded fairly for and teachers dont have their favorites. And of course their teachers should be experienced though Robespierres can master an interesting subject on their own. They are inclined to learn and improve their knowledge life long.

Robespierres accustom their children to knowledge. They become democratic parents but quite demanding and strict. Most attention is given to revealing their childrens talents and potentials. They treat personality with respect, are tolerant to devilry and tricks but dont accept rudeness and idleness of mind.

Robespierres may lack emotional sensitivity; it is difficult for them to discern feelings though they are always ready to listen and help. Have soft manners and voice, can be compassionate.

When punishing a child, they explain the reason and appeal to their mind and make the child understand his/her action. Find physical punishment unacceptable, humiliating dignity of a person.

While with children Robespierres lose their coldness and restraint. They are wonderful story-tellers, can inspire with their interest a growing and developing child. Robespierres tell a multitude of interesting stories and unnoticeably involve them into the process of the world investigation especially when it comes about various cognitive information.

In company Robespierres usually avoid being a center of overall attention. They feel most comfortable retrieving into their inner world and spending much time deep in their thoughts. But it is absolutely different if the company is made up of close friends, harmonious and active people. Robespierres communicate with immense pleasure, talk to their friends and enter especially interesting discussions. Robespierres metamorphose they laugh, tell jokes, tease their friends, in one word lose inhibition. They can prepare something original, then sing and dance.

Robespierres involve others into intellectual conversation with their original world outlook and spontaneity, deep knowledge in the areas of their interest. Many people like their manner of socializing it is soft and at he same time leaves no doubt that they have their own opinion about discussed topic; special wit expressed in a play of word meanings, erudition and intellect.

Robespierre is a person with such a complicated inner world that the term inner space applies to it naturally. The world outlook of many representatives of this type is characterized with sensation of the world harmony, unity of macro- and micro-world. The way to such disposition lies through the deep intuitive understanding of the essence of things as well as inexhaustible interest of a researcher inspired with the search for truth. Ability to transgress the bounds of material world into the sphere of abstract thinking, which is full of life for Robespierre, is a the ability of human mind to consciously change the world and make it better seeking after ideals of humanism and science-technical progress.

Description of socionic types made by Elena Zamanskaya
Translated by Olga Yuska
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