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Psychological Types







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GABEN (Jean Gabin, irrational, The Craftsman, Sensory-logical introvert, ISTP)

Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin.

Jean Gabinthe French movie actor.

1. An iceberg in the ocean. He is obstinate, reclusive, almost always equally cold and enigmatic. His movements are quiet, precise, and very economical: other people often get an impression that his results disproportionately exceed the efforts invested. He is characterized by non-ostentatious quiet persistence and reliable accomplishment of everything he commenced, internal responsibility for deeds and modesty. Like a typical Briton, he is not ostentatious in his attitude towards work, as well as not demonstrative in revealing his feelings at all. At first he may seem to do everything coolly, carelessly. But gradually it becomes clear that his unhurriedness reflects his general tempo of life: a combination of relaxation and perfection.

2. Talented laziness. Unlike The Seeker, he will scarcely spend his energy for futile work. He is a born inventor, but he does not hurry with the implementation of his ideas, until conditions for maximum effect will ripen. He is proud of his capability of not doing unnecessary things; adores comfort and conveniences. When performing common tasks together with somebody else, everything very easily and without pressure from his side goes the way he likes. All space accessible to him is organized ideally for work and rest. He is an aesthete who completely trusts his taste. He dresses very neatly, with taste, but as a rule not challenging convention. His skin is sensible: "a princess on a pea" must have been said about a woman of this type.

3. Reserved richness of emotions. It is his aptitude for hiding emotions under the mask of inapproachability and coldness that makes them finely polished and expressive (there are many actors among representatives of this type, e.g. Vladimir Vyssotsky, Adriano Celentano). He is calm under any circumstances, but calm in a different manner. He remains cold and unapproachable when he loves, and does not hurry to trust feelings of his somewhat frivolous dual (The Psychologist). He is very jealous and mistrustful: he is horrified that his emotions will be ridiculed. In dangerous situations he stubbornly fears nothing, approaches the source of danger very calmly. This is his best move to go directly towards the opponent, and the stronger one shall prevail. This is also the main pose of the actor Jean Gabinimpertinence, non-compliance, internal correctness and courage. The more lonely he is, the more unapproachable.

4. Goals and methods. Sometimes he may be mistaken for a lazybones and a chatterbox, especially when being without his dual for long: he speaks a lot but does nothing, as if waiting for something. In such a situation he is really waiting: for a scream for help. He will not work without a goal, and is not capable of inventing goals himself. Only The Psychologist, the ardent enthusiast, has a key, which starts up the precise and flawless mechanism of The Craftsman. As a reward The Craftsman considers the joy he has brought by his labor. He judges about sincerity of others by voice inflection, which automatically mobilizes him. Both desire and joy are often best expressed by his dual The Psychologist who is in addition a great specialist of finding talents and admiring them sincerely. And The Craftsman has to be a favorite, for he does not tolerate equal rewarding regardless of contribution. Only sincere feelings expressed by the eyes and intonations can win him over.

Text: I.Weisband, Working Materials, 1986.
Translated by Dmitri Lytov, edited by Lev Kamensky, 2002.
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