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Psychological Types







design - Alisa Yasnoy

Esenin (Lyrist IEI, intuitive-ethical introvert)

On one hand Esenin often makes the impression of an abstracted person estranged from the outside world, on the other this is an incredibly communicative, sympathetic and deeply feeling individual. Many people find themselves attracted to the mystery of Esenins inscrutability, though IEI confide only to the chosen few, a tight circle of close friends able to understand changing movements of their soul.

Esenin may be called an idealist, a collector and guardian of spiritual ideals typical to different epochs. These are the ideals filled with experiencing and deep personal response to current and past events.

In Esenins perception the details of everyday life recede into the background whereas internal secret currents of their spiritual life become important and fundamental. Responding to occurring events with all their feelings and deeply experiencing what is going on inside from the very young age, Esenin easily learns to discern emotions and feelings of others, can recognize and guess them from the slightest manifestations.

Being least practical of all types, ILI lives absolutely different non-routine and non-prosy life, all subtleties and complications of which are understandable only to them and their mates.

As a rule Esenins are amiable and easy-going, they follow manners accepted in society, and never feel anxious to stand out or stay in the limelight. However they always leave themselves the right for private inner life as well as the right to estimate others by their own intrinsic values and internal laws of morality and ethics created during their life and supported by their own feelings and observations.

Time, events and people involved these are the areas of their interest. Life dramas, tragedies, comedies, daily and never-ending farces that took place from the very dawn of humankind, events that connect and part people, tricks of fortune, changing of epochs, mentalities and governments Esenins orientate themselves in this mixed current of history and real life. Shades of the past dont hinder just on the contrary help them see the present and the future, create the background of inmost sense of being.

Getting easily distracted from reality, Esenin enjoys plunging into irrational world of dreams. Arts and literature offer marvellous plots for such journeys. Travelling in their imagination together with fictitious characters, Esenins sympathize with them, enrich their own life experience and decorate tough reality with graceful and beautiful scenarios.

Cinema, literature, painting and psychology are a good reason for ILI to extend and deepen the range of their sensual experience. They perceive cultural events, works of art intrapersonally, and receive information mainly by their heart and imagination.

And certainly the atmosphere in which a representative of this type grows and develops is of much importance. Is spirituality enough appreciated there? Is there an opportunity to turn away from a sheer daily routine?

Esenins have ability to foresee and foretell. They find themselves in an invisible contact with the moods of society separating them from their own disposition. ILI clearly fees the progress dynamics of events leading to changes. They have a gust of oncoming critical situations, usually warn their environment, inform it of approaching danger and signals when it is high time to act. Esenins know how to avoid and keep away from troubles not analyzing but sensing them. They can also wait and watch for a propitious moment and then act swiftly.

ILIs are often soft, thoughtful, and careful in their statements. They choose to tune up with the others, not to conflicts and follow the principle: Live yourself and let the others live. Herewith Esenins stick to their opinion and stay in the current of their sensations and thoughts and still remain open and receptive to new information and may change their views if required. Among Esenins strong sides are their readinesses to transformations, ability to easily change their plans that facilitate daily tasks, adjust future to their needs, and include their environment into their inner rhythm.

Most people of this type complete their every-day life with self-contemplation and drive for self-improvement. The urge to understand their inner self and attempt to answer the question Who I am? become essential constituents of their life. The question keeps arising now and again throughout all their life. As a matter of fact the question itself, the feelings and the emotional response caused by the theme are much more important than an exact, clear and eventually reasonable answer. Its also important to keep in touch with inner changes, sense them. And having felt them mentally head for the future, into a beautiful far away for Esenins are optimistic about the future, the bright and radiant future. They also help their environment believe in that very radiant future which is vital in troublesome times, when no one has definite answer how to act here and now.

Esenin can emotionally inspire other people for actions required by a particular situation; influence their mood neither by words nor persuasion but by an emotional splash.

Esenins feel well the appropriate moment for demonstration of their emotions. And very often it comes neither as an immediate reaction nor as a response to certain events but rather an active and targeted impact. Esenin consciously manages their reactions and knows well when to laugh and when to cry. The feelings will be absolutely sincere, but Esenin prefers to wait for a propitious moment (and it may be either the climax of emotions or the situation that triggers off already existing affections).

Keeping in touch with the feelings of a close friend, even penetrating into the most secret corners of his/her inner world or feeling emotional disposition of a group, Esenin can create the mood of people close and distant ones.

Demonstrating their feelings without any hesitation, Esenins communicate their own mood to others and thereby foster their emotional liberation.

We should also emphasize a very important quality of Esenin. It is their ability to accept emotional life of a close person as it is. Then they softly, non-intrusively and gradually try to harmonize it, make it more socially acceptable. Being a highly passionate individual with a wide emotional spectrum, Esenin feels another person, gives mental and emotional support, understands and accepts their partner. They can even justify some negative impulsions, relying on their own system of values, their own understanding of morale and their vision of positive future dynamics in the person.

In favourable environment, in a friendly company Esenin sparkles with emotions, telling numerous jokes and provoking bursts of laughter. They value humour and can see funny things in life situations, notice numerous amusing moments in daily routine, like to share them with their friends and cheer them up.

ILI easily discerns mood of others and can tell a true, genuine spirit from a social mask. In communication they appeal to the true self, can cheer up, inspire optimism, and dispose to fighting. Being a dreamy and lyrical personality they still may have a mad time.

Still for most people the true feelings of Esenin remain secret. They know pretty well how to create image suitable for a certain situation and disguise their true mood. This happens quite often since ILI live a tense emotional life, most of which runs deep inside, trying to protect their mysterious inner world from the outside intrusions.

This world is so fragile, delicate and vulnerable that even being in the limelight Esenin can selectively keep distance with unpleasant individuals, unable to receive elevated and delicate feelings. So it is practically impossible to surmount the invisible border if ILI is reluctant to let someone closer. Moreover Esenin is quite good at forecasting peoples behaviour.

Their pronounced gravitation to the beauty shows itself not only in their relationships with people, interest to arts, literature, and poetry but also in their desire to look decently. Their appearance and in particular clothing are of much importance. Being a part of their image, ILIs clothing reflects their inner world and good taste. Esenin are trying to wear elegant clothes and being hardly able to discern its quality, still mange to choose proper style. Even following the fashion and socially accepted norms, Esenins manage to bring in a part of their individuality.

ILIs inability to create comfort and cosiness of their homes is greatly compensated with their ability to provide emotional comfort, attention to others, tact and wise understanding of somebodys character.

Esenins business activity isnt less complicated. Since practicality is not their strong side, ILIs business often depends on their mood. Therefore Esenin is happy to find a goal-seeking person with firm grip and confidently standing on the material ground. The person ready to act instead of theorising and giving explanations for not sheer recommendations but the concrete support may help. It should be said that Esenin attracts strong, influential and decisive people and at the same time brings into their lives optimism, ability to create cheerful atmosphere, fills their lives with spirit and emotions, levels out conflicts and anticipates troubles. Close to such person Esenins can t reveal their foreseeing gift in full extent.

Esenin will also feel comfortable in an arbitrary current of their life governed by a strong-willed and active partner who needs and wants a lot of things. Inspired by active and pushy approach to life, legitimacy of rights for their own desires, Esenins will feel much more confident and steady. They will better understand their own needs and will find their own way to realize them.

ILIs will do everything necessary for such an important and precious person and will try to make his/her life as successful as possible. Neither plain nor monotonous but instead spiritually and emotionally filled. The talent to wake up a spiritual source in other people, address their better self, dispose to themselves, arise sympathy, and induce to strong and beautiful deeds these are Esenins inborn talents.

In their childhood Esenins can be very different, they range from shy, modest and obedient to wilful, whimsical and cheeky. Much depends on their home environment and their parents education style. While their offspring is mastering its own feelings and testing strength of others, the parents will have to learn the whole spectrum of emotions.

Esenin-children can be also grouped by a huge interest to everything new and great curiosity to life. Loving parents, who are very authoritative in the eyes of their children, should help them. A little Esenin knows how to melt the heart of the strictest parent.

At school Esenins study well though few of them have high ambitions towards knowledge acquisition. Most study diligently just not to distress their parents. They prefer the humanities. Yet in very young age ILIs get interested in reading: poetry, adventure novels and love stories.

They have a lot of friends and get great pleasure associating with their peers. They have fun with everyone, get involved into different tricks but manage to come off clear with neither punishment nor reproaches from their teachers. They often become favourites of their teachers and at the same time manage to keep up good relationships with their classmates.

As parents they are soft with their children, understand their desires, know how to create warm and close relations. At the same time they see to it that freedom didnt turn into permissiveness. Softness of such parents disguises their inner stubbornness helping them provide their educational policy peacefully but firmly.

Giving much importance to cultural values Esenin-parents tend to raise in their children taste for beauty. They themselves love literature, arts, music, history, and create corresponding atmosphere in their homes, the atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent to spiritual constituents of life and makes them experience delicate aesthetic feelings. ILIs cherish their childrens interests and passions, feel proud of their achievements. Most of them love nature and foster this love to their children.

Quite often Esenin becomes a sole of a small company. Most Esenins maintain their childhood friendship and carry it throughout their lives. In company of friends Esenin sparkles with charm, tells funny stories and cracks jokes drawing attention to funny sides of events. They love socializing with interesting people, listening to their stories and news. They are good listeners and belong to the individuals able to raise mood and at the same time carefully attend to whats on somebodys mind.

Esenin usually gets attracted by unordinary, bright and magnanimous personalities. Waiting for the initiative from the other side, Esenin creates all starting conditions, sometimes inventively using small tricks, for such communication to take place.

Esenin is a special sociotype combining in themselves all peculiarities of our national mentality. Value of feelings and culture, connection with history and tradition, mysterious soul inconceivable for western pragmatic mind all that is being so close and familiar to everyone living in Russia.

Esenin seems to keep aside from beaten track to success, triumph of technologies, rationalism of western culture yet doesnt get stuck in the past and keeps walking along their special way relying on their intuitive sensation with no fear of unknown and changes. Esenin knows that every dog has its day and believes in kind future whatever tragic was the past. More than any other type of socion Esenin feels power of our roots, depth and richness of our culture, feels their inseparable ties with tradition of national Russian spirituality.

Description of socionic types made by Elena Zamanskaya
Translated by Olga Yuska
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