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Psychological Types







design - Alisa Yasnoy

Dreiser (ESI, ethical-sensory introvert)

Dreisers feel well attitude of other people towards them and easily detect ill-wishers.

They conceive relations of people on a case by case basis: define their likes and dislikes toward each other by form of their communication and interaction.

Therefore in company (especially in the company of friends) they feel confident, relying in their behavior and estimation of others on well-known ethical norms and universal values.

With all their talent to feel people they never hurry with final conclusions about someone they liked. They first observe this persons behavior in various life situations and then decide whether s/he can be trusted and what is their impact on others? Dreisers give their inner moral evaluation to other peoples deeds.

Dreisers, who gather information about people from their childhood, know pretty well that there are different people: good and bad, week and strong, those who can give in love and friendship and those who cant. The experience that Dreisers gain communicating with others is never lost on them and very often it is far from being simple. Being too sensitive and vulnerable they deeply sustain sufferings and losses. At the same time they dont show emotions to their social environment considering such public demonstration a weakness. Dreisers are characterized with inner strength and endurance, they are guided by the innate knowledge about the way people should be, which helps them stick to their moral checkpoints in our ethically imperfect world and protect their close environment from betrayal, hypocrisy and emotional losses.

Dreisers cant be deceived by beautiful words, compliments or practice on weaknesses; they judge people by their deeds, estimating them from a moral angle. They have courage to love close people the way they are helping them become better and courage to stop relations with someone whose behavior disagrees with Dreisers inner understanding of good and evil.

Dreisers take long time choosing a partner and never hurry to get fascinated. The more emotional power was spent to approach this person, the more valuable this person is. And in case of failure Dreisers keep the same distance in communication. They neither set forward pretensions nor accept them. With those who remain complete strangers Dreisers keep long distance and their only look discourages any rapprochement.

While choosing someone, Dreisers first aim at finding a person with similar values, giving preference to straight, honest, active, and hard-working individuals, those who keep their word.

Carefully watching someones deeds, Dreisers try to be fair and unbiased. They look from the outside and listen to their inner self, their sensations and needs, which are first kept secret.

Theyd rather keep silent than discuss their good and bad attitudes with a stranger. However if they decide to advance their negative opinion, they do it firmly, sometimes even tough with a feeling of inner conviction in their words. If Dreisers believe that someones behavior is unethical, its hard to change their opinion, though in that very moment they wont show any doubt and emotions to others. Just on the contrary, they will speak calmly and conspicuously suave. Dreisers have very strong endurance and self-control. No stranger should see their tears or anger, they will manage to restraint their emotions, to stand an attack and keep their face. Self-respect is one of their basic emotions. Dreisers show their feelings to close people, which can be treated as a sign of respect. However even with close friends around, they prefer and try to cope with negative feelings on their own. Beautiful feelings and beautiful relationships is quite another thing, Dreisers show them to others. To their opinion beautiful relations can conduce to success.

With their close friends they can be soft, tender, warm-hearted and good-humored or firm, even uncompromising if required. They know how to pressurize with words and behavior. Give much value to their family, ready to defend family values being strongly convinced that only with their help a person becomes really happy and successful.

Dreisers are caring; they sympathize with unhappy and unfortunate individuals. One cannot offend those who cant take care and service themselves. Dreisers feel physical disgust observing life in unsanitary conditions, life in ugliness instead of beauty, discomfort instead of coziness. They think that such conditions humiliate human dignity. Lodgings may be modest but clean and tidy worth of a human being. Dreisers believe that society should invest its efforts and means and create decent life conditions.

And Dreisers themselves realize their ideas and principals into life. Able to see and create beauty, inborn aesthetes, they add aesthetics and good taste to everything they do. They spare neither energy nor money to improve their territory. Always look smart, know how to take care of themselves, their appearance, clothes, hairstyle, accessories. Dress appropriately, with good taste expressing themselves through things and clothes. Every thing fits the event, matches other things and even surrounding.

Being fashion-conscious, Dreisers prefer to work out their own style and find their own ideal of beauty. They also know how to do the same for close, dear to their heart people. Make them understand the importance of appearance and its influence on others.

For Dreisers beauty is a vital concept. Beauty literally in everything including the beauty of customs and traditions. As no one else in the socion, ESIs understand and feel the necessity to observe traditions, traditions that have been developing through centuries, didnt appear occasionally and reflect experience of social way of life, communal life where every person should compromise a part of their individuality for the sake of general wealth and consent, productive interaction among people.

Reverent attitude to traditions and improvement of life in a communal home leads to underestimation by Dreisers of individual qualities of people, importance of their inner motivation and the right on variety of self-expressions, its necessity for arts and development of talents. However, by and large Dreisers gravitate to democracy. Therefore a person who with his/her personal example introduced a creative approach to life and especially to their job will significantly enrich Dreisers inner world and make them extend their sometimes too conservative estimations.

Dreisers want predictability from others. Unpredictability for them is a source of constant stress and is often interpreted as bad manners and lack of culture.

Dreisers always expect troubles from unpredictable individuals, especially those conceited with their being different from others. ESI also find themselves oppressed with discrepancy and uncertainty of situations and words. In this vagueness they feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Therefore they need a person who can sort out this discrepancy and choose a proper policy without being too verbose. Dreisers need a person who have no doubts in their own abilities and can actively overcome and anticipate difficulties. Such a person will help them feel plenitude of life and become an immediate participant of exciting events instead of being a viewer and estimator. Respect of this very person will raise Dreisers self-esteem; evoke their gratitude as well as loyalty not only to the person but also to his/her cause.

Dreisers also feel grateful for the outlined perspectives of some undertaking, enterprise, and project if it certainly comes from a trusted person. The person, who wont let you down in hard times, will offer timely assistance and wont doubt their own competence.

Dreisers respect people not only for their moral principles and need for moral beauty but also for their business qualities, pragmatism, business acumen and wit, for their active lifestyle and entrepreneurial talent. And they themselves aspire to master new skills, find a job suitable to their aspirations and talents.

Dreisers working capacity is very high, they like working with absolute devotion keeping an eye on their household and taking care of close people, climate in their team. At work they aspire to cope with daily troubles independently, using their skills in practise. But if they cant cope with a problem they ask for help and guidance. Tactfully and trying not to steal extra time from others. Though they may firmly defend social requirements of their colleagues and thus are often proposed to act as a truce envoy in negotiation with management. Actually most requirements will touch upon working conditions that affect labour of people and their good health.

Dreisers find it difficult to estimate their labour in material equivalent. They hope that other people will give a fair estimation to their work. Dreisers dont like changes, but leaving the job that wasnt duly estimated, they can even feel proud that changes have contributed to their well-being and status.

At work Dreisers not only work but also teach people. And since they are well aware of status issues, their educating attitude to colleagues and higher rank co-workers differs. Dreisers believe that no chief, however high his position, cant have permissiveness and instead has to give proper attention to the needs of employees. And if necessary Dreisers will readily say that using formulation which can influence a concrete executive.

Among their colleagues Dreisers single out a tight circle of people whom they help with concrete actions. And Dreisers are pleased that this circle is respectful and has impact on the team. Dreisers always keep a careful eye on the alignment of forces. They never let close people down, defend them before outsiders using their strong qualities.

In their circle Dreisers take care of good relationships, find time to work, to talk about children, families and give concrete advice on recovery of relationships in difficult family situations. Prefer listening to speaking. With their good attitude try to cheer up someone who got into predicament

Dreisers are responsive to pain, suffering and mischief of others, to real mischief but not idle whining. They dont like consoling people they'd rather do something good and pleasant, create a feeling of protectability and stability. While putting themselves on someones place and commensurating their actions toward this person with their own sensations and feelings, Dreiser align themselves with an offended person and let him/her understand it with the help of all the care and ethical estimations. However they can also give a scolding if the person exaggerates his/her offences and indeed behaved unworthy.

In childhood Dreiser is an obedient and loving child respecting authority of elder people. They are a true present for parents an accurate, neither wild nor noisy; diligent students with responsible attitude to tasks. Though sometimes may display stubbornness.

Dreiser chooses friends according to their taste though trying not to distress their parents, are secretive with them (their friend may be sure that their secret trusted even to a little Dreiser wont be disclosed), tell jokes, though they hate mean jokes as well as surprises and practical jokes especially those that mock someone.

They are often keen on dancing, singing, music, photography, classical literature, making articles, love nature. Dexterous and plastic movements, their energy and appropriateness attract overall attention to young Dreisers. Their sometimes unuttered opinion combined with ability to defend themselves, protect a friend, stability in affections, loyalty, beautiful things and inborn ethical wisdom, make them authoritative in the company of their peers whose parents are even more happy with such company of their children. They will be pleased to see Dreiser at their home. However Dreiser is a homebird. They rarely pay visits in order not to disturb their hosts. Surprisingly but they understands such things from the very childhood. But if Dreisers show up somewhere they true to spend time with benefit for his sole and body. In their turn theyll treat their guests as best as they can.

In friendship and love Dreisers display their best qualities giving support in hard times, telling truth if necessary, in the way appropriate for a certain person softly, tactfully, or firmly and with authority.

He is ready to forgive a lot to his friends, close people and beloved ones. A lot but not everything. They will never forgive treachery especially public one. Though the relationships can be partially recovered within some time but that will be absolutely other relationships. Dreisers will slam the door to their sole.

Dreisers protect in any possible way their true and loyal friends from attacks of other people and wont let any one to speak evil.
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As it has been already mentioned Dreiser gives much importance to a family. It is important not only as relations but also as their own territory, their private comfortable world where they feel best of all.

In family Dreisers are very active, showing their love through practical care and warm-hearted participation. They combine in themselves tactfulness, prudence of statements and strong-willed pressure when it goes about defending things vital for them. They rather make others adjust to their ethics and morality than stave themselves and at the same time they liberate other people from the need to make ethical choice.

They are well-organized, plan in advance how and what to do and try to do that as soon as possible. They dont like waiting and even less they like keep others waiting for them.

They are constantly busy about their house, tirelessly foiling for the sake of their family well-being. Their home is always clean, tidy comfortable and beautiful, everyone is fed, cloth and shoes are clean and tidy. If someone gets ill Dreiser will do everything to cure them. They are good in fast-acting treatment methods. Dont ask for any special gratitude. Though sincere gratitude, that gives Dreiser a feeling of their being wanted, is very pleasant. A present on some special occasion is even more pleasant. Dreiser will appreciate not the quality and price but attention. An extremely expensive present from a distant person makes them response in the same way and doesnt bring much pleasure. Its quite the opposite from a close person.

Loyalty, devotion, ability to solve everyday conflicts, attractive appearance, knowledge how to show themselves in public and settle family life these are Dreisers qualities that attract their partners.

They are responsible while educating children sometimes even too much. For them education is not only life-time duty but even a great responsibility before themselves, before their family and society and eventually before the child. Some Dreisers may get so much devoted to their child or a spouse that finally forget about themselves.

They give special attention to full-fledged and healthy food, they create life space so that their children felt comfortable and were surrounded by beautiful tasteful things and at the same time become very critical if children spoil the things.

The main thing for Dreiser-parent is that their child should grow into a good decent person, hard-working and respectable. They pay less attention to talents and inclinations of their children whereas respect talent demonstrated by the child or capability revealed by an expert. They let their child devote themselves to their hobbies and even foster that.

Dreiser-parents are both very careful and strict, they teach their children to order, discipline and being attentive to the needs of others. Even their grown up children should keep them informed about where they are, with whom and what time they are expected to be back home. Dreisers know how to demand and gain respect to themselves as a parent, but they also respect their children especially when they grow up and they have new concerns.

Dreisers are very demanding and responsible, reserved and tactful. They know how to be a good friend, lover though it is not easy to win their sympathies.

Though Dreisers estimate others through the prism of their own intuition and attitudes, their moral values usually coincide with those accepted in their community. The loss of moral values as main factors of stability and conditions for interaction among people make them suffer deeply.

Understanding needs of others and respecting their own, estimating deeds of other people and sticking to the morale principles in their own actions, Dreisers remain demanding to others. They spare neither time nor energy in order to correspond to these principles.

It is extremely important for Dreisers to feel that these values are wanted by society and they themselves are wanted by certain people, their family and friends.

In family and in community Dreisers act as guardians of stability, ethical and social values, culture of relationships and lifestyle. In word and deed they prove vital capacity and necessity of their ethical principles; believe in eternal values and make others remember about them warning that these values shouldnt be lost in the process of social progress since they are a main reason for this progress to keep going, the main factor that made and keeps us human.

Description of socionic types made by Elena Zamanskaya
Translated by Olga Yuska